HD horizontal pipe rollers Each product goes through a full range of quality assurance and durability tests at every phase of the manufacturing process and prior to shipment - your guarantee of quality and performance.

  •  4” - 48” Diameter Pipe
  • Engineered Drawings Provided
  • Pipe Bent to Customers Specifications
  • Experienced Bending Personal
  • Emergency 24 Hour Pipe Bending
Proline Custom Yard Bending
“Done by Professionals for Professionals” 
 Motorized Crawler Genie Controller
Motorized Crawler 
  • CSA Approved*
  • AC and DC compatible
  • Can be used with both Baldor and Dayton Crawler motors
  • Voltage 120v AC/DC
  • Frequency 60 Hz for AC
  • Power 120w
  • LED light for power confirmation
  • Heavy duty magnets to secure controller to metal surfaces
  • Waterproof seal
  • Parts readily available